How to cash your TBC online?

Do you have TBC and you don’t know what to do with it? Have you tried using your TBC to shop online? This article tells you where to shop with your TBC.

What is TBC?

The Billion Coin popularly known as TBC is a crypto currency similar to Bitcoin. TBC is growing so fast and will soon become the premiere blockchain currency. You can be one of the millionaires today using TBC.

Would you like to buy something with your TBC? Below are the lists of places where your TBC can be traded.

Facebook group

Log-in to your facebook, search for TBC Nigeria yardsales. Click on it to see different groups and join. The groups will show you different vendors and what they sell and how much TBC they would accept. You can also contact them to know if they would deliver to you.

Kavwin Nigeria Limited

You can shop for your electronic gadgets using TBC as part payment at this store located at 56 Ijaiye Road, beside Tantalizer, Ogba, Lagos. You can also shop online at this store with your TBC.

Other online shops that accept TBC

Remember that you have to be careful and make sure the shops are valid before cashing your TBC. This is not the full list but just the few that the validity is sure.

Make sure you contact someone trustworthy as TBC is still fairly new in the Nigerian market to avoid being scammed


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