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Facebook acquires biometric ID verification

Facebook has confirmed to Hourivee that it’s acquired… . The startup offered an API that let other companies quickly verify someone’s government-issued identification card, like a driver’s license, was authentic. The Boston-based startup will shut down as both its team and technology are rolled into Facebook, where it could help users who are locked out of their accounts.  had raised at least $4 million from investors, including Cava Capital, since launching three years ago. The 2015 seed round funded advanced forensics used to pull information from an ID card, as well as mobile biometrics and facial recognition to confirm a person’s identity before the startup deleted the personal data. Clients could quickly integrate the tech, which expedited on-demand startup staff onboarding. Food delivery service Doordash used to verify its drivers, while Notarize used it to authenticate the identity of customers looking to file documents. The startup wr

This is Google’s vision for augmented reality content on the web

Google Google has been exploring how to bring augmented reality content to mobile and PC web browsers. It created a prototype Augmented Reality(AR) viewer and you can try it now. The company also set up a website with tools to help developers start creating AR content for the web. Google is bringing augmented reality to your web browser. The company has been pushing AR for a few years now through Tango and more recently ARCore.  Back at Google I/O 2017, it announced that AR would be available through the Chrome browser. Now it’s now moving forward on a project that will encourage people to develop AR elements for both desktop and mobile browsers. Today, Google is debuting Article, a 3D model viewer that works with all browsers. On a PC, users can see a 3D model and manipulate it by dragging to rotate and scrolling to zoom in or out. On mobile, users touch and drag to rotate or drag with two fingers to zoom. Check out the example below:  Google The goal is to

Samsung may have revealed Galaxy S9 camera info on its own website

Samsung’s own website may have revealed camera hardware information on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The site has revealed that a new sensor, the ISOCELL Fast, could record Full HD video at 480 frames per second. The site also talked about Super PD, which may offer faster autofocus speeds for the smartphones. As we get closer to the 2018 Mobile World Congress trade show, most analysts are expecting Samsung to officially reveal the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus at the event in Barcelona. Today, we may have learned more information on the Galaxy S9’s camera hardware, and it may have ironically come from  Samsung’s own website . The info on Samsung’s site (spotted by  NDTV ) talks about the company’s new ISOCELL camera sensors, and some of that technology is likely to show up first in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. One of the more interesting hardware improvements mentioned is called ISOCELL Fast, which is a 3-stack fast readout sensor. Samsung claims that this will allow cameras wi

LG’s next flagship phone (LG G7) could be released April

LG’s next flagship may be unveiled this March and officially released in April The handset would miss out on MWC 2018, and potentially lose ground to rival Samsung’s Galaxy S9 This will be the first flagship to be released under LG’s new mobile chief, Hwang Jeong-hwan Speculation last week suggested that LG may take a new approach with its flagship phone series in 2018. The company is expected to rebrand the long-standing “G” line, following a string of poor sales for the range. Until we learn the new naming convention, the LG G7 will remain our own title for the next flagship LG phone, and today, we’ve learned that its release date could be penned for this April. The news arrives from  ET News  (via  The Investor ) , which suggested that the device would be unveiled in March, putting it a month behind the LG G6 in terms of the yearly release cycle (that handset launched last February and went on sale in March). ET News  cites “a ranking official” at one of the top th

HTC in 2018: Will it be able to turn things around?

HTC struggled in 2016. Despite releasing a few great smartphones like the  HTC 10 and Desire 10 Pro , the company lost money each fiscal quarter. To turn things around in 2017, HTC opted for a different business strategy. It  reduced its lineup of smartphones , and stopped production on low-end smartphones, focusing solely on mid- and high-end releases, in an attempt to return to profitability. Instead of releasing close to 20 models like in previous years, HTC released six more premium phones. Did the strategy work? Also, what do we want to see from HTC in 2018? An overview of 2017 HTC U Ultra HTC announced two smartphones in January — the mid-range U Play and high-end U Ultra. Despite offering brand new metal and glass designs, they failed to impress.  U Ultra was especially disappointing, with its small battery, and lack of water resistance and headphone jack. It was also overpriced at launch, that dropped from $750 to $600 a month after its U.S. release (a hin

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